Form 7004 is used to file for an extension of time to file business tax returns.

The IRS Form 7004 provides businesses with an extension of time that can vary from a 5 to 7-Month extension after the due date of the tax return. To avoid any late penalties, be sure to file your extension before the deadline. Penalties from the IRS can be as high as 25%. Deadlines may vary for every business type please refer to the official IRS deadline page to verify your deadline date. However, any business taxes must be paid before the deadline or on the deadline date of the form. Form 7004 does not provide an extension to pay any owed taxes. Form 7004 only provides the business to obtain an extension of time to file the form. The IRS does not accept multiple returns on one Form 7004. You must file a separate Form 7004 for each tax return you are requesting a tax extension on.

How to e-file Form 7004 with Tax2efile
  • Create your free account and select Form 7004 Extension
  • Enter your business information & applicable business entity type
  • Enter tax year information and tax Form details (type of extension filing form).
  • Enter tax calculation
  • Review and submit to IRS
  • You will receive an email confirmation from Tax2efile with a status update from the IRS

Please visit or Form 7004 Instructions page for more information.

What do you need to e-file Form 7004 Extension with Tax2efile?

Business Information

To file Form 7004 Extension online, the taxpayers must gather all documents such as:

  • Business information (Name, EIN, Address)
  • Type of business (exp. Corporation, Partnership)
  • Type of Tax Form that the business is requesting an extension
  • An estimate of the amount of the tax owed to the IRS (if applicable)

Still have questions?

Form 7004 is used to request an extension to file a business tax return.

Form 7004 provides businesses with an extended time of 5 to 7 months.

The deadline for Form 7004 may vary for business categories, please refer to the link to get a more accurate deadline date for your extension form.

For a sole proprietor, you should file extension Form 4868.

No, from 7004 only provides businesses with an extension of time to file, not an extension of payment.

Tax2efile will provide an email status update regarding your 7004 extensions.

    A Form 7004 may get rejected if:
  • The business category does not match the IRS database records
  • The deadline has passed
  • The EIN or business name is incorrect
  • The extension form has already been accepted by the IRS

If the business does not file its tax extension, a “failure to file” penalty will be applied to the business. The penalty percentage is 5% per month (up to 5 months) of the amount due.

It takes 24 to 48 hours to receive a confirmation from the IRS. However, if your form was submitted to the IRS before midnight your form will be marked as submitted on time.

Yes, Form 7004 tax extension includes IRS extensions for estates, trusts, and other entity types. You will file the same extension form (IRS Tax Form 7004) as other businesses but should indicate that your tax extension is for a trust, estate, or other entity.

If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

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