Tax2efile is an IRS Authorized E-file service provider for Forms 1098-MORT, 1098-F, 1098-E, 1098-C, 1098 Q, and 1098-T with the lowest pricing.

Form 1098-MORT It is used to report mortgage interest of $600 or more received by the filer during every tax year in the course of trade or business including a sole proprietor.

Form 1098-T is used to report the expenses and tuition of students attending an educational institution. Common filers are education institutions with students enrolled in courses or programs for one or more academic periods during the year.

Form 1098-F is used to report required payments to governmental entities and certain nongovernmental entities to report fines, penalties, and other amounts that may reach a minimum of $600.

Form 1098-E is used to report the amount of interest the taxpayers paid on student loans in a calendar year.

Form 1098-Q is used to report the purchase of any contract intended to be a Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) in a calendar year during a tax year.

Form 1098-C is used when a filer donates a qualified vehicle (Motor Vehicle, Boat, or Airplane) to a qualified organization.

Tax2efile will take 24-48 business hours to submit 1098 Forms to IRS if you filed 1098 tax Forms electronically.

Note: Receipts of interest from corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, associations or companies do not require 1098, according to the IRS.

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing

Don’t have time to E-file 1098 Forms? Don’t worry our support team will E-file and submit your forms to the IRS for you with our premium service. You can file Form 1098 securely and quickly with us in minutes.

Printing and Mailing

Printing and Mailing

Each payer (student, participant, donor, etc) must be provided a copy of Form 1098 by January 31st; Tax2efile customers may use our mailing service to have paper copies sent to each payer on time.

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation

After filing your 1098 through our website, our customer support team will send you an email containing a PDF copy of your return and a reference number for easier find.

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How to e-file the 1098 Form with Tax2efile?

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Tax2efile software makes filing your 1098 Forms quick and easy. Tax2efile has made it simple and easy for the user in just a few steps. The user will enter the recipient and payers’ information then will confirm that you’re the information is correct, and finally, receive your filed forms via e-mail along with a reference number that allows you to track and locate your filing.



Tax2efile top concern is Security when dealing with highly sensitive information. As an e-filing provider our service insures and meets strict guidelines and uses the best encryption technology. And as a Modernized provider Tax2efile has passed the IRS Assurance Testing System (ATS) requirements for Software Developers of electronic Forms. Meeting the requirements means that the software can provide correct data in the proper format for processing by IRS systems.

Authorized E-File Provider

Authorized E-File Provider

Tax2efile is an authorized E-file provider; certified by the IRS and fully approved by their governing body the (IRS Oversight Board).

IRS Updates

IRS Updates

Here at Tax2efile, we want to ensure our user are aware of any changes or improvements the IRS makes. Therefore, Tax2efile will keep each user informed of any annual changes or improvements from the IRS tax law. Whether you’re a tax professional that is looking for an easy way to handle IRS, or a business owner that wants to be walked through the filing process, our staff can help.

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Still Have Questions?

The 1098-Series contains 7 different forms such as 1098- F, MORT, T, C, E, and Q. The 1098-Series also provides a 1098-MA but is currently only allowed to be filed by paper form.

Yes, Tax2efile provides the user to upload in bulk upload to save time.

    Yes, you can make corrections for the payer’s information such as:
  • Name
  • TIN
  • Amount

Yes, the filer can print and mail the copies out to the recipients or can use our printing and mailing service.

Yes, Tax2efile has an e-mail service that will send a copy via e-mail to all of your recipients.

No, the only one that can make corrections to a form is the filer.

If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

Made a mistake on your 1099s or 1098s?

We care for our valuable customers so here at Tax2efile we give the benefit of filing corrections for free when they file their 1099s/1098 Forms with us! However, Corrections can only be made to the recipient of your 1099/1098s.

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